Ukrainian farmers this year have sunflower reserves at 69% more than in the past

Goskomstat informs that as of August 1 of the current year in Ukraine oilseeds stocks reached 730 thousand tons. This is 69% more than in 2016. Then stocked 432 thousand tons. Agrarians keep 383 thousand tons, which is 86 thousand tons or 28% more than last year. At the enterprises that store and process sunflower, there are 347 thousand tons in stock. This is 212 thousand tons or 158% more than in 2016.

UkrAgroConsult added that the rest of the oilseeds also see an increase in inventories. Soybeans in the presence of 136 thousand tons, and this is 80% more than last season. Then there were 75.5 thousand tons. At 1.08 rapeseed more by 81% - 989 thousand tons. In 2016, the same date was 547 thousand tons.

Agribusiness representatives released information that they sold to the foreign markets a record amount of sunflower meal - 4.5 million tons. For July, 384 thousand tons were exported, which is 2% less than in June, but 50% more than in the same period in 2016.

Despite natural disasters for 2016/2017 MY, 4520 thousand tons of sunflower meal was sold for export. This is 26.7% more than during the same period of the previous marketing year (3,570 thousand tons were delivered).

The geography of supplies has also expanded. Quality Ukrainian products began to be bought: Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Oman. The largest purchases make the EU countries, acquiring 56% of the total. More sunflower meal is bought by Belarus, Turkey, India, Morocco and Israel.

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