The yield of Brazilian soybeans is 2.6% lower than last year, but the harvest is expected at a record level

The April report of the state agency Conab, distinguished by the increased characteristics of soybean harvest. The increase was projected at 1.9 million tons more than in the previous report, which implied a harvest of 114.9 million tons. Similar values ​​are record for the country, already after the gross collection in 2016 and 2017. It amounted to 114 million tons.Sowing soy was carried out on the site at 35.08 million hectares. It should be noted that this is 3.5% more than last year's results. The harvesting company, which is currently taking place, shows a yield of 3.28 t / ha. It is 2.6% lower than last year's figures (3.23 t / ha).According to April 13, local farmers have threshed about 85%. This result is lower by 2% than last year, and also by 1% below the average for the reporting date in five years. Such official information is reported by AgRural.
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