In 2017, the profitability of livestock production doubled

In 2017, the profitability of livestock production doubled

Academician of the Institute of Agrarian Economics Lupenko Yuri has published a forecast of profitability of livestock in Ukraine. The figures are impressive. Expected increase in profitability by 14.7%, which is twice as much against last year's - 7.7%.

The situation became possible due to a sharp rise in price of meat, poultry and dairy products in the domestic market of the country. The scientists of the Institute calculated that the profitability of cattle production increased by 6.8%. Last year, losses amounted to almost 25%. This industry first became profitable for all the years of state independence.

The profitability of the bird has grown 3.5 times. In 2016 it was only 5%. This year, growth is expected to reach 17.5%. The profitability of pork increased to 13.5%. Last year, the industry was unprofitable with an indicator of -5%.

The increase in milk prices raised the yield to a record 21% against last year's - 18.3%.

The loss of production this year is expected to produce eggs due to an increase in the cost of production by almost 20%. In this case, a slight decrease in retail value is planned for 2%. The last time the product was unprofitable in 2006, and the figure was -7%. This year, forecast a drop in profitability to the level of -13.3%.

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