In 2017, Ukraine exported agricultural products for 18 billion dollars

The press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy on January 26 released information from Deputy Minister Olga Trofimtseva that in 2017 the total turnover of food and agro products with foreign countries reached $ 22.7 billion. Of this amount, 18 billion dollars - was export, which is 16.4% more than in 2016.According to O. Trofimtseva, the total amount in the past year was $ 15.6 billion. Today, the export of agricultural products reached 80% of the total volume of goods sold abroad. In particular, the supply of livestock products increased by $ 372 million and amounted to 1.3 billion, and plant growing - by 2.1 billion to 16.8 billion dollars.The report says that of the total number of food and agricultural products, frozen beef exports increased by 39.3 million dollars, butter by 92.3 million dollars, and cereals and flour products by 49 million dollars. As a percentage, grains account for 36.2%, vegetable oils 25% and oilseed seeds 11.4%.At the same time, 42.6% of the total goods were sold to Asian countries, 32.4% to European countries, and 14.2% to African countries. The United States purchased only 0.4% of Ukrainian products, the CIS countries 7.7% and other countries -2.8%.Most goods were purchased (for an amount exceeding $ 1 billion) and the following countries took the lead: India, the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain and China.
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