Kherson watermelons are transported to Belarus and Kiev along the river

After a 14-year break from Kherson, a barge was sent to Kiev, carrying 280,000 tons of watermelons on board. The first batch is planned to sell to residents of the capital through supermarkets "Silpo".Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrey Gordeev said that big plans are being built and delivery of melons to Belarus is planned through Kiev along the river. The resumption of river transport opens new prospects for Kherson farmers, and Kievans and Belarusians will receive high-quality domestic products.The idea of ​​delivery of watermelons to Kiev appeared even when the construction of the Nibulon terminal in Naked Pier was planned. Gordeev thanked the director of the terminal Vadatursky Alexei, who helped in organizing the transfer of cargo to the capital.It is important that the delivery of watermelons along the river costs 40% less than transportation by road, which means that the cost for Kyiv residents will be affordable. Barge in the way only 4 days. During this time, the goods do not have time to spoil. More transportation on the river will significantly relieve the roads.Before getting on the barge, the striped berry passed strict quality control. With a nitrate content of 60 mg per kg, only 44 were found.Until now, melons have been transported simply in bulk and not all the parties have reached the addressees in the proper marketable form. Now they are packed in special boxes. Considering that the peak of ripening of watermelons falls on the middle of August, it is planned that the following barges will be loaded even more.
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