Experts assessed the crops of maize

The importance of corn for our country is difficult to overestimate. The product has a valuable composition, indispensable in poultry and livestock production. Silage is used for feeding cattle, grain for birds and pigs. Corn is used in cosmetology, cooking, pharmaceutics and other fields, so experts carefully monitor the condition of crops and evaluate it as satisfactory, although this season the weather is not happy. It is just unfavorable for growing this product.Corn is a plant that is thermophilic. It can be planted at a soil temperature of at least + 10 ° C and it dies at a temperature of -3 ° C. The root of the culture is at half a meter depth and it needs a large amount of moisture, which was very scarce this year. Due to low night temperatures there was a failure in development. The phenological phases are delayed by 5-7 days. Hybrids of early ripeness have only entered the flowering phase. Middle-aged plants at the stage of ejection of the panicle. The height in this year has a wide spread from 114 to 276 cm.Agrarians note that the fields are overgrown with weeds. Their density varies from 4 to 10 pieces per 1 sq. Km. m. But as a whole, the conducted research has shown that the state of the fields is satisfactory. The amount of corn on one ha is on the average 77 thousand pieces.
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