Negotiations between Ukrzaliznytsya and agrarians on the leasing of wagons for grain transportation

Ukrzaliznytsia intends to solve in the near future, together with the largest representatives of the agro-industrial complex, several important issues, namely: how many grain trucks the agrarians want to buy and on which leasing conditions they will be able to use Ukrzaliznytsya. These and other important issues were raised during the recent meeting of the acting chairman of Ukrzaliznytsia E. Kravtsov with a representative of the largest Ukrainian company, which exports up to 90% of grain and oilseeds.

President of the grain holding Gorbachev N. noted that over the past 17 years, the crop capacity in the country is constantly growing, which means that more and more products must be transported. To date, exports of cereals and oilseeds have amounted to 48 million tons, but by 2021 the turnover is expected to increase to 70 million tons, therefore it is necessary to modernize the transportation system now.

E. Kravtsov believes that the fleet of cars should be increased due to the investments of large agrarian companies, which in due course will transfer transport under favorable leasing arrangements to the ownership of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Agrarians, in turn, fear that they will not be able to receive grain trucks at the right time and in the right amount. Another big business wants to understand when it will be able to return the invested funds and will be able to use preferential prices for transportation.

Transnational company Bung, one of the ten sharks of the AIC, expresses its doubts about the deal and wants to revise the terms of the contract. The press service informs that now everything looks as if the agrarians are sponsoring Ukrzaliznytsia: they acquire grain trucks and immediately give them back.

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