Sunflower oil refined, deodorized

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Refined sunflower oil, deodorized

Sunflower oil refined, deodorized - widely known, used, tasty and useful product, without which culinary, medicine, cosmetology can not do. Of course, in the unrefined natural product of useful substances more, but it can not be fried and not all dishes can be added. In the end, not everyone likes the taste and aroma. Sunflower oil is deodorized more universally. It has excellent characteristics:
    • - uniformly fry different foods without burning;
    • - economically spent;
    • - ideal for deep fryer;
    • - has a long shelf life.
  From it make mayonnaises, sauces, marinades. Add to salads, flour products, first courses, side dishes, make twists, baby food, etc. Ukraine produces a huge amount of refined, deodorized product, which sells on the domestic market and exports to the west. The price depends on the quality of raw materials, the degree of cleaning and packaging. The company Agrozernoholding offers to buy refined deodorized sunflower oil wholesale inexpensively with delivery in Ukraine.

How to make refined, deodorized oil and what GOST requires

Refining increases the shelf life of the product due to the absence of impurities. It is carried out in two ways:
    • - Chemical.
  • - Physical.
At physical cleaning use adsorbents, and at chemical - alkali. The refining process itself consists of the following steps:
  • - finished unrefined oil is cleaned of impurities, sedimented, filtered;
  • - treated with hot water to remove phosphatides and discolor;
  • - they release free fatty acids to rid the product of odors;
  • - bleach until light-straw color;
  • - freeze to remove waxes.
  • - Deodorization is a high-temperature process, in which volatiles are removed under vacuum.

Find out how much it costs, order and buy a product in bulk from the manufacturer, you can contact the managers of the company.

GOST refined, deodorized oil differs in classes. Usually they produce the brand "Premium", "Top grade" and "First grade". The first sample is considered the highest quality. All brands should be transparent without sediment, without a pungent smell and taste. The product is not allowed any impurities. Each manufacturer must comply with safety standards.

lling and storing refined sunflower oil

Refined deodorized oil is packaged in plastic bottles of various sizes. Spilling the product produces automatic lines, which ensures cleanliness and high quality. The packaging is environmentally safe, light and durable. The product is hermetically sealed. The label contains all information about the manufacturer and the composition and shelf life. Keep the bottle better in a dark cool place.

Where can I buy refined sunflower oil wholesale in Ukraine?

Ukraine produces more than 5 million tons of grain products per year, 80% of which is exported to China, Korea and some European countries. The catalog contains a large number of products from different manufacturers and at different prices. You can specify the cost by contacting managers through the site. The main office of the company is located in Cherkassy, ​​but the products are sold in other cities of Ukraine: Kiev Odessa Kharkiv Dnieper Zaporozhye