Difficulties with the export of Ukrainian agrarian products

Usually, Ukraine delivers up to 30% of agrarian loose products to foreign markets in the last three months of the year: October, November, December. This means that the burden on the entire export sector is increasing. The world distributes grain and products of its processing, oilseeds and meals. In this period, more than 5 million tons of products are shipped per month, and the export infrastructure is operating at full capacity.Average volumes of agricultural products transshipment amounted to 4.55 million tons. For comparison, last year the figure was 4.05 million tons. The dynamics of growth is obvious and pleases the agrarians. But in the period from October to December there is a lot of problems associated with the delivery of goods in the pores and transshipment them around the world. Agrarians and large export companies have to look for non-standard solutions, difficulties encountered.Another problem is fierce competition. Some countries have reduced volumes purchased in Ukraine and increased trade with other countries. For example, in July-August of this year, Indonesia reduced the purchase of wheat by 12% and imported 379 thousand tons. During the same period last year, the figure was 438 thousand tons.Libya reduced the purchase of barley by 82%, although it annually purchased 1.3-1.5 million tons. Bangladesh reduced grain imports by 18%. The indicator amounted to 330 thousand tons against last year's 403 thousand tons. In Saudi Arabia, barley was sent 24% less, and for the rest of the loose crops the situation remains stable. Last season, bought 10.5 million tons, and in this - 10 million tons.
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