Ukrainian vegetable oils meet high international quality requirements

Ukrainian vegetable oils meet high international quality requirements

Vice President of the regional direction in the CIS countries from the company COTECNA Korchmareva Arina reported that Ukrainian oilseeds and finished plant products meet high standards of quality and safety of foreign buyers.

Domestic vegetable oils and processed products are exported to 110 countries around the world. The main buyers remain the countries of the European Union, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, China and India. Each importer puts forward its requirements for quality and composition of products. The main indicators converge. The limit of this or that substance is different.

Ukrainian farmers have to strictly observe and control the following parameters: the amount of heavy metals, dioxins, pesticides, PAH, insoluble components, moisture, fatty acid balance, iodine and peroxide number, styrenes.

Many countries change the requirements for the composition and limit of components annually, so COTECNA has to control the quality of products sold for export.

Detailed information on the composition and quality of oilseeds in 2017 can be found on the site under the heading "Exclusive / Opinion" or in "APK-Inform: RESULTS" for November.

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