Ukroliyaprom: there is a shortage of car fleet in Ukraine

According to "Ukroliyaprom" there is an acute shortage in Ukraine of the car fleet.Proceeding from this, the enterprises have to rent cars from individuals, which involves spending 1200-1500 UAH / day. Consequently, the cost of transportation of goods increased by 40-50%The message says that the plans for transportation of meal to Poland and Belarus are not confirmed by CTL due to the lack of grain carts in the required quantity. With additional plans, the level of provision of wagons is only 5% to 10%.As reported in the association, during the transportation of the product to these states, the idle time of the cars is 10 days. Consequently, the period of turnover of grain trucks exceeds the calendar month, which means that it causes damage to the goods and its price hike.Also, the association said that financial losses are equal to tens of thousands of conventional units.We remind that worn-out traction rolling stock of "Ukrzaliznytsia" is 80%.
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