"Ukrzaliznitsa" offered business to give its calculations of the basic tariff for freight traffic

"Ukrzaliznitsa" offered business to give its calculations of the basic tariff for freight transportation."Our goal is to introduce an effective and high-quality tariff system for a certain perspective, at least for three to five years, which will be as objective as possible and not tied to the current activity of the company," he explained. Chairman of the Board of "Ukrzaliznytsia" Yevgeny Kravtsov."In the issue of tariff policy, we propose to proceed from objective factors, in particular, to base on the means that are necessary to restore the entire railway infrastructure throughout the life of the tractive rolling stock, ways, other fixed assets," Kravtsov said.All participants of the transportation process today should take into account the historical deterioration of the infrastructure and traction rolling stock of "Ukrzaliznytsia". As a result, representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia emphasized, only the cost of transportation is insufficient today to build a new infrastructure and to renew the traction fleet. The Company needs funds to renew fixed assets: traction rolling stock, railroad tracks - during the entire period of its regulatory operation. This is exactly the solution that will allow Ukrzaliznytsia to meet the business needs of transportation services."In turn, weighted, substantiated, and, most importantly, stable rules of the game on the transportation market will allow cargo owners to plan and organize their work in a qualitative way." Therefore, companies, in this case, representatives of the mining and metallurgical complex, and the association "Ukrmetallurgprom", were asked to calculate and file its tariff level, which, in their opinion, will enable Ukrzaliznytsa to function normally and smoothly at least in the medium term, "it was reported.Commenting on this step in the discussion of tariffs for rail transportation, Kravtsov said: "We are ready to consider the arguments of market participants, see their calculations, offer their figures and promptly work with the business to develop a coordinated position on tariff formation in the industry."
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