The volume of sunflower oil production in Ukraine has decreased

UkrAgroConsulting experts note that in October 2017 large and medium-sized processorsproduced 509 thousand tons of plant product from sunflower seeds. This is 46% more than inlast month of the current year (then produced 346 thousand tons), but 1.5% less than for the samethe period of the last year (516 thousand tons).2016 was a drummer in the production of vegetable oil. In this season, figures are kept ondecent level, but the production is 7% less. Total produced 855 thousand tons againstlast year's indicators - 916 thousand tons.Agrarians do not lose heart, because sunflower - a plant unpretentious and persistently withstandsnatural disasters. According to the forecasts of specialists UkrAgroConsult production volumesof sunflower oil this year will decrease by 10%.
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